Feel the Force Luke...


How often do you watch your favourite movie?

I probably watch the entire Star Wars and Lord of The Rings collections at least once a year.

I could probably recite the dialogue word for word as I watch.

But much as I love them, I’m not sitting there with a light sabre in my hand or with elf ears on.

However for many  people they are more than happy to introduce elements of those universes into their own. Furniture is a favourite way for people to do that.

It’s a while though since Ive seen it done so well.

Say hello to the Star Wars Furniture Collection from designer Kenneth Cobonpue 


He’s taken a more adult abstract approach to the collection which includes Imperial TIE Fighter armchairs, TIE Fighter end tables, a Darth Sidious armchair, a Darth Vader armchair, Chewbacca rocking stool, and a Jedi floor lamp and hanging Jedi shade.

Needless to say things are quite costly. My favourite, the Chewbacca rocking stool, comes in at $1,375 and the TIE Fighter Chairs goes for a spendy $2,700 each. 


This is not the stool you’re looking for.

Everything seems to be in order

Go about your business…

Queen Marie