ENTERING the kingdom



We know, we know, those are not words you'll hear from bloggers very much these days but it's true - we have no interest in your money. We believe that true integrity can only be achieved when there is no money involved and our rent doesn't rely on working with brands. This leaves us are free to only feature the brands we genuinely love and not ones we are being paid to love.

So how exactly do you get featured on Kingdom Of Style? 

It's simple - talk to us! Tells us about your brand and we can decide if it's a good fit for the site. If it is - hurrah! If it's not, please don't be offended, it's just that we know our readers very well and there's no sense in wasting everyone's time if the fit just isn't right.

Most fashion labels who want to feature on KoS like us to physically style some of their pieces for personal style posts as it gives readers a much better idea of their work, but we do have a no borrow policy. We know, more rules, but borrowing is just asking for trouble - we spill tea a lot. Plus, there's no sense in featuring endless borrowed high end pieces, for example, when your actual wardrobe is filled with high street. It's a little misleading. And again, if you offer us a gift and we refuse, don't be offended - we only accept gifts if we know we'll absolutely wear it outwith the blog, otherwise it's just gonna clutter up our homes and we're running out of room as it is! 

Whilst we don't charge for our time, equally we're not idiots - we don't want features to costs us unnecessary time such as going back and forth to the post office. Posts take a while to write and craft, so be mindful of that when you get in touch and ask to be featured. 

We get asked this all the time - no, we don’t accept guest writers or submissions.