The Whole Story



I have a love/indifferent relationship with Instagram.

To make it really enjoyable you have to put the work in as the fun comes from engaging and chatting with your followers and that means dedicating time and effort to posting on your feed. However, there comes a point when it feels like work. When you start to notice what kind of posts your audience enjoy and which ones fall flat on their face and begin pandering to those reactions. It stops being as much fun because you begin to care what people want or enjoy, which is actually the antithesis of why Instagram exists in the first place.

In my feed I have come to realise my audience only enjoy outfit posts and even then only a certain style of outfit, which isn’t representative of my overall style. So to meet a middle ground I started to create Stories, where the audience is only those people who seek out my content. These people are the ones I feel understand me the most and are more likely to find enjoyment in things beyond my style. But it also has become a platform for me to share all aspects of my style, including days where I’m wearing fairly basic outfits. Beyond that though, I am able to photograph the things I really like photographing - random objects, places, jewellery I’m wearing, basically anything and everything that takes my fancy. I’m also able to shoot mostly in black and white, which is what I love most of all. It’s given me a little creative freedom that I actually don’t have on my feed and even on this blog, to an extent. There are no ‘likes’ or real interaction on Stories, just people who either look or don’t look. I don’t create a Story every day but the ones I do create I feel free to make them look exactly the way I want.

Above is a snapshot of my most recent photographs. Everything random yet meaningful in it’s way. A wee snapshot into my life and some of the things that are making me happy.