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Depression or just sadness, we’ll all had experience of one or both. Sometimes it’s reactionary - events or things in our lives get us down - and sometimes it’s clinical but the desire to just stay in bed and wish the world away has I’m sure come over us all at some point in our lives.

Cunnington & Sanderson’s latest collection ‘Occupied’ is about the emotional burden of depression. Clothing features bed linen fabric and sometimes actual pillows, reflecting the comforting cocoon of your bed when it all just gets too much. I’m not sure I personally would wear something with an actual pillow attached but the wrinkled linen fabric, draped silhouettes and grey palette most certainly appeal to me.

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Feelings of hope are draped into the designs. The bed can be a solitary sanctuary. blankets, pillows and bed linen are attached, becoming part of everyday clothes. Layering of garments make them appear to be misplaced and signify feelings of confusion and emptiness. Feelings are carried and worn and not hidden away, Do not be afraid to wear your emotions.
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They also have a shop, which has pieces from previous collections which features beautiful drapey cotton and plenty of my personal fave - gingham. I’d be far more inclined to wear these pieces than the ones above, however the prices are extremely restrictive - around £700 for a dress. But it serves as beautiful inspiration.