Instagram Outfit Roundup / April


As promised, here are my Instagram outfits for the month. Honestly, they’ve been pretty basic of late as it’s been lovely warm weather here in Glasgow so I’ve taken my usual summery approach of less is more. Summer is also the time when all the Western details I love so much start to creep into my outfits.

Recently, I was looking among things my mum left behind when she passed away, random things she’d kept, and one thing was a letter I’d written to her when I first moved away from home. She didn’t have a phone so I wrote to her every week. I’d completely forgotten I’d done that. In the letter I was excitedly telling her how I hoped to move to the U.S. to stay with her daughter from her previous marriage (my mum was married to an American man in her early years and lived there and had 3 children. She left the States, as she hated it, but her children didn’t want to live in Scotland so they stayed with their father). Her daughter got in touch with me and we excitedly made plans for me to come over there and live. In the letter I was so full of huge plans for my future. I talked about how I’d live with her in Ohio for a while then move to San Francisco or New York to become an amazing graphic designer. I’ve wanted to go the U.S for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager it was my dream to go to L.A. I had so many plans to travel when I was young that all just somehow got away from me. Now, at nearly 46, I haven’t ever been off this shitty island and probably never will.

I think the affinity I have with America manifests itself by infiltrating my wardrobe in these small ways. Western buckles, conchos, Native American jewellery, fringes and cowboy hats - all of these things have been part of my wardrobe since I was a teenager and continue even now.

With the weather due to turn cold again though, I’m feeling in the mood for layering so who knows what the next roundup will bring. Also, I’m going to try and pick up the outfit shots again now that the weather is drier and warmer. Not every week perhaps but certainly a couple of times a month.