in another land...


Before we start, I give you fair warning.

Today’s post is pretty heavy so if you are hoping for some of my standard Friday froth, it may be best to just close the window quietly and I’ll see you next week when things are a little brighter.

When I was very young I took myself off to Sunday school because I was all about the holy stuff. Then later as a young teenager I became quite anxious about the ‘End of Days’. I worried that The Rapture would happen and I would be taken up to heaven and everyone who didn’t believe in God would be left behind. I knew my Mum would be ok but my Dad and David would be left to deal with all the heavy shit that would go down.

I would listen to Larry Norman ‘In Another Land’ on repeat.

In the last couple of weeks watching the news, with all of the suffering and the planet itself being shot to hell, I have that same anxiety I had as a very young person. Cruelty and avarice are everywhere. I fear for the world my young nieces will have to live in

I know I’m being dramatic and that instead I should count my blessings and try to be positive.

Maybe I should just stop watching the news for a year. I am sure it would improve my mental health. Imagine you had taken a year or two off and come back to Donald Trump as President and the UK committing financial suicide with Brexit, you would think you had returned to an alternative universe. Maybe in another dimension I am as happy as a sunbeam right now with my mum still there beside me.

But I’m not alone in feeling this way.

The annual Gallup Global Emotions Report was issued today and it shows that people around the world are becoming more worried, stressed and angry.

We all need to take a leaf out of the Latin American countries book where the cultural tendency is to focus on life’s positives.

So on that note. Take a listen to this wonderful album and enjoy it in all of it s 1970’s soft rock gospel splendour.

I’ll see you next week on the sunny side of the street.

Queen Marie