Cruz Control


When I’m looking for inspiration for my house, I look to designers and shops that are doing something really different. In almost 100% of all instances I would never be able to buy anything from said designers or shops, but they serve to spark ideas on textures or possible DIYs. I’ve set Prince B a list of things I want him to make for me, based on ideas that have been ignited simply by perusing these dream shops.

Some things though just can’t be replicated and you really are going to have to win that lottery to buy the real deal. One such thing is Drip side table by Blackman Cruz.

Oh my, to have a spare $9500 lying around.


With this table and the Marie June Drip earrings, I’d be a happy, drippy girl! The shop itself is a carefully curated selection of antique, mid-century modern and contemporary pieces.

We hope our scope is diverse enough to tickle, intrigue and stimulate people’s sense of place and history. And maybe incite a laugh. We hope our choices provide an investigation of our moment in time and they give a certain relevance in this confusing scenario we all find ourselves in.
— blackman cruz

The prices are eye-watering so don’t even look!