candles and cocktails...

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Easter is getting ready to hop over the horizon. But if you are not feeling the chocolate urge then why not think about something a little more liquid or refreshing. Take a little look at Lunar Oceans which is packed with super stylish gifts that would beat any egg hand down.

Even the most candle resistant individuals seem to have succumbed to their charm of late ( I’m looking at you Grade Empresse Gillian). So this could be the next stage making your own.

These kits look charming and easy to use.

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On the other hand, some of you may be thinking, forget the candles pass me a cocktail.

I don’t drink or make cocktails but these mixology tools look so shiny and such fun. I’m thinking that hot chocolate would taste amazing one of these moscow mule jugs. Yum

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Just make sure that no one tells the Easter Bunny that he might be losing a fire customers this year.

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