My love of florals is no secret. You just need to look through outfit archives on here and the old Typepad blog (which is still live BTW) and you’ll find flowers aplenty. I still have all my beautiful floral tights, featuring roses and peonies. Any florals I wear need to look like they belong in an old Master’s painting though. Dusty and time worn.

When we were decorating our modest flat, I really wanted as much concrete featured as I could and contemplated putting a concrete facade on one of the walls in the living room, but it wasn’t practical. I then looked at self adhesive murals instead which had a concrete texture. Murals are better than wallpaper for this kind of look as there is no repeating of the pattern. I found a company in Sweden who specialised in creating concrete look murals but my small wall was going to cost over £800 for the mural. I liked it, just not £800 worth! In the end I decided to go for concrete grey but I did resume the search on Etsy, out of curiosity, and found many places doing the same thing for far less. However on my travels I came across these stunning floral wall murals. I’d have one these in my bedroom in a heartbeat. The flowers appear quite twee on first glance but when combined with the more industrial items I have in my house, the juxtaposition would work brilliantly.