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Say hello to Sonnie.

Chloe are urging you to -

FIND YOUR PAIR. With its active silhouette and utilitarian straps, the Sonnie gives off a cool, urban attitude. In new colour-blocked variations embellished with mixed materials, each pair is distinctly expressive.

Sonnie’s cost a shit load of money.

Does that make you want them?



Nor me but I have been thinking a lot the last couple of weeks about why so many brands  seem to be increasingly operating on the basic principal, that the more expensive an item is the more exclusive and therefore desirable it is.

In days of old, I battled with myself to pay £220 for a pair of Prada’s which I wore to death every couple of years but there is no way on God’s green earth that I can see the sense in anyone paying £535 for a pair of high tops.

Yes I know there are substantial costs associated with the production of luxury items. Materials, research and development, production and that’s before you even take into account the retail and advertising side of things with rents, rates, staff and mark ups. But none of this actually answers the question why brands are charging so much!

Sadly I think the answer is depressingly simple.

It’s because they can.

They are simply seeing what the market can bear and apparently the market can bear quite a lot!

Some wealthy people seem to enjoy displaying their wealth by spending as much as they can on high end items. It’s that eye watering price tag, as much as the product, be that a pair of sneakers or an ‘it bag’ that makes it desirable to them. Perhaps the fact that most people can’t afford to spend that kind of money makes them in some way feel superior. You just need to look at that whole depressing super rich kids on instagram thing to see how out of hand it has all got.

Then you have the sneaker heads who are willing to pay huge sums of money for limited editions and collaborations. Shoes they will buy but perhaps never wear.

Are you depressed yet?


Queen Marie