Torcall Of Edinburgh




We’ve been asked to review many thing overs the years on this blog, but never before have we asked to review a comb. When a message arrived in my inbox about a new brand making handcrafted wooden combs at first I was dismissive. A comb’s a comb, right? Actually, wrong.

It was only after I’d washed my hair and attempted to detangle my thick mane with my usual plastic wide toothed comb, that I began to think that perhaps a comb isn’t just a comb. When I dry my hair and comb it I find the plastic comb creates static and ends up making my hair worse. So I replied to the brand saying yes, let’s see if there’s a better solution.

The brand is called Torcall of Edinburgh and each comb is handmade by a single craftsman in Russia and sealed using a traditional process of boiling in linseed oil. There are 6 combs to choose from and each one is named after a street in the New Town part of Edinburgh. I chose the Rose Street comb because that’s the street my ballet shoe shop is on


Do the combs work any better than my usual plastic comb though? Do they justify their £65 price tag. The short answer is yes.

My hair is prone to tangling because it’s so fine but I have utterly millions of it, so a thick head of fine hair is a tanglefest just waiting to happen. So combing my hair is actually quite an involved process.

At first it didn’t feel like the comb was getting through so much hair but actually it was, it was doing it very gently. £65 would certainly be a lot of spend on a comb but what I found is that it glides easily thorough my hair and more importantly it left no static behind. My hair was left soft and static free. The founder of Torcall of Edinburgh, Joshua Curquejo, even tells me his mum uses one for her dog! So a comb for all the family.