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When it comes to texture and pattern here in The Kingdom, we like lots of it.

As Queen Michelle always says “go big or go home”

Matty Bovan does that in spades.

I love these looks. The craft, the controlled chaos, the colour. It’s just glorious.


For his third solo collection, he was inspired with a letter addressed to his late grandmother, which proclaimed that anxiety produced by the current political madness could be quelled with the purchase of some cheap furniture. And so, In Uncertain Times, This Is A Sure Thing! was born. “I thought it was so perverse and so horrible to latch onto the political social economy to try and sell you basically crap furniture,”


Long intrigued by the strangeness of folklore, Matty spent months researching the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612, Lancashire mysticism and even the Salem witch trials, and this became an exploration of what modern magic is. So the strangeness of olden days folded into the weird place we find ourselves in now, with Bovan taking on myth, a bit of madness, and magic both good and evil. How were these elements expressed in the collection? “I always say it's like cooking. So you're cooking 12 dishes on a stove and you really don't know how it's all going to go together… that's the really exciting bit,”


As I type this I have just heard the sad news about Karl Lagerfeld.

For all of you sitting up there in heaven with sweatpants and flip flops on, you had better smarten up your act pronto. He will have plenty to say about that when he gets there. And that’s before he gets a look at St Peter’s robes at the gate…

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