Take the stars from the sky...


After Queen Michelle’s anti valentine post on Thursday, I have gone in total opposite direction today with these wedding dresses Made of Stars, Flowers and Ocean Waves from Boom Blush.

Launched in 2017 Boom Blush is a young and unique New Zealand brand inspired by endless beauty of nature. As there are no identical flowers or clouds, each bride is individual and unique. They create for the dreamers and free spirited brides.

Now I might be talking bollocks but I’m thinking that some of these dresses would be suitable for any very special occasion. The stars on this dress take my breath away…

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 16.20.06.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 16.20.23.png

Taking the best from all parts of the globe, we combine the extraordinary talent of Indian Embroidery Artists, Unique and beautiful European Laces, French silks and super soft fabrics to manufacture the matchless bridal wear. We choose top-notch fabric from Europe, and our highly experienced seamstresses stitch the perfect dresses for your special day. The designs are finalized in New Zealand while the whole stitching process is carried out in our atelier in Europe to ensure the provision of flawless and top quality bridal dresses. We have a beautiful range of hard to find haute couture European laces, Indian handcrafted appliqués that are made exclusively for our collections and we use only natural linings to ensure that the bride feels comfortable and stunning. 


Needless to say I’m typing this swathed in layers of black from head to toe but no matter what age you are, you can dream of looking this beautiful…

Queen Marie


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