The Anti-Valentine's Day


I’m staunchly anti-Valentine’s Day. The whole of idea of having a single day in the year to tell or show someone you love them or care for them is absurd to me so it’s entirely banned in my house.

It perpetuates of the notion that love is flowers, chocolates and pithy statements in Hallmark cards. When actually there are many kinds of love and in many different shades. Some love is entirely sexual, some love is emotional with no sexual element, some love is based on people who just get along, some love is about all of these elements together. I’ve experienced all of them in my lifetime.

However as I’ve grown older the more emphasis I place on focusing on the most important love of all and that’s the love you have for yourself. Before you can even think of loving anyone else, you need to learn to love yourself first. Learn to love your wobbly thighs, learn to love the fact you are imperfect, learn to love your quirky teeth, your lazy eye or loud laugh. Learn to love who you are and what you offer the world because if you don’t you become too reliant on your worth being measured by others.

As you know, I love lingerie. This isn’t because I’m some raunchy hot chick, this is because through nice underwear I am learning to love my body, or at least accept the bits I know I can’t change. I wear beautiful underthings entirely for me, no-one else. It also alerts me to when I’ve been eating too many Aerobubbles!

Back when I first started training in ballet I loathed my C-cup boobs. All I wanted was a flat chest with no risk of cleavage and jiggle in every leotard I dared to wear. But even at my skinniest I was never flat chested. It’s impossible for me to ever go below a C cup. Instead, I focused on buying bras that made the best of the boobs. And slowly but surely I began to not mind having them. Sure, in class they’re still a hindrance, but most of my life exists outside of class so if I can make the best of them then, then I could sure as hell live with them in class.

Today my boobs are encased in a gorgeous Honey Birdette bra.


I wanted to share with you a very affordable brand, similar to Bluebella but with a much larger offering. I have chosen the bras that appeal to me personally but they have a vast selection of much simpler, more modest creations should you be more inclined that way.

Meet Hunkemoller


I have the first red bra pictured so my experience, in terms of quality, I’d say is comparative to Bluebella for sure. Beautiful details and design but not with the highest quality materials. At £29 I wasn’t expecting leavers lace of anything so I wasn’t disappointed. It’s comfortable and very well fitting. I’m planning a few more purchases as I find a single purchase can’t tell the entire story of a brand and for me the real litmus test of a lingerie brand is knickers. If those suckers fit you beautifully, then the brand is a keeper. So that will be my next purchase.