Welcome To The Boudoir


I’m not sure if Queen Marie is blogging this week or not, but I won’t be able to fill in for her if she isn’t as I have zero time to do extra blogging work as it’s crazy my end too. So I’m afraid it might just be my two posts this week.

I’ve finally accepted its winter. Grudgingly. Whilst I haven’t bought anything other than a raincoat, I am looking to potentially get a few things that I could layer up to great effect.

Sister Jane is a small label you will all know no doubt have heard of. I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Every piece looks like it belongs in Cher from Clueless’ wardrobe. The closet of a preppy valley girl. I do own quite a few Sister Jane things, and I always challenge myself to style them up in an edgier way than they are presented.

Their latest collection, The Rose Boudoir, available for pre-order, is the brand at their preppy meets 70’s chic best.


The dress that’s calling my name however is this vast white smock. Oh the marvellous things I could do with this!


I’m a sucker for a white smock so don’t be surprised if you see this dress make an appearance over on Instagram.