Instagram Outfit Roundup / October


I’ve had a devil of a time acclimatising to the cold weather. The rain just won’t quit and the snuggly parka I usually wear is getting soaked through all the time. I usually work from home so it’s not that big a deal normally, but I’ve been spending a few days a week working for a design agency so I’m having to leave the house and actually stay dry!

Outfits over the last while have been slim pickings as I just don’t have the time to take the photos. Any free time I get I have focused on painting. But these 5 outfits are from the last couple of months. As you can see, it’s been, layers, layers, layers.

Nothing new here other than a pair of Isabel Marant Nowles ‘snowboots’. I highly doubt they’ll be any use in actual snow but good god they are the warmest things ever. My feet have never been happier. A very good investment and one I will no doubt make again in a different colour.