step into the light...

Happy New Year Everyone.

Hope you had a restful holiday season with your friends and loved ones.

So here we are. 2019. Year of the Pig.

Let’s hope it’s less of a dog than last year proved to be.

I’m not one for making resolutions, I never stick to them but on the 27th of December I found myself writing a list of intentions for the coming year.

This year I will -

Wear more sequins.

Say YES more.

Write more.

Smile more.

Be less afraid.

Love more.

Buy less.

See more.

The most obvious way for me to wear sequins more would of course be in a parka.

I’m seriously loving this Ashish sequin and tinsel coat in the sale at Farfetch but they only have a small left. Arghh.

I love the idea of walking around like a mobile Christmas tree


I’m also loving this Marni one but it’s not quite sequinned enough, it would feel like a slight cheat.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 14.08.51.png
Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 14.31.24.png

Also wonderful is this Antonio Marras coat, which while rich in pattern and print , is still a bit light on the old sequin front…


If you have come across any suitable sequin splendour, then please send me a link.

What about your intentions or resolutions for the year. What are you looking to change in 2019?

Do tell…

Queen Marie