The Midas Touch


I’ve never really liked gold but recently I find myself craving a delicate gold necklace which I can wear all the time and never take off. I think gold is something you grow into, as you have to be old enough to understand how to wear it without it looking tacky and, somewhat ironically, cheap. It’s like a right of passage.

Like Queen Marie, I don’t make new year resolutions, but I have vowed to ensure a beautiful gold item finds it’s way into my jewellery box this year.

On my travels I came across Bijou Mobil, designed by Ambre Cardinal. Oh my, these creations are just what I’ve been looking for. They are oddly bold in their sheer simplicity. When I saw the stunning bracelet shown on the left I was immediately smitten. Perhaps this bracelet is the way forward, rather than a necklace. I adore it’s infinity shape and the way it snakes around the finger and wrist simultaneously. I looks almost melancholic to me, the way it joins together the finger and wrist but with fragility.

The designer graduated from the Royal College of Art of London and is now based in Paris. Her delicate gold plated wire-like pieces are inspired by Alexander Calder. With her creations her intention was to design articulated pieces that balance with the body movement. As Calder said “Objects behind other objects should not be lost to view, but should be shown through the others by making the latter transparent. The wire sculpture accomplishes this in a most decided manner.”


Because everything is just gold plated, it won’t break the bank. The bracelet is only 240 Euros.