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Just when I think I’ve probably written a post about almost everything, along comes something from left-field. We’re talking coat hangers today dear chums.

Strangely, everywhere I turned online over the break, I was coming across amazing pictures of vintage coat hangers which made me feel quite ashamed at the plastic horror show lurking in all my wardrobes and cupboards. Every so often I think I shall start to replace the plastic with decent wooden ones but like so many of my good intentions it comes to naught…


It’s not very often you see a new design for coat hangers so needless to say, I was pretty smitten by these.

XYZ Integrated Architecture, who are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, have designed this collection of modern and artistic wire clothes hangers. The coat hangers, which are abstract in their design, are handmade by Alexandre Barbakadze and crafted out of stainless steel. Some of the more curved designs are able to the hooked onto a bar, whereas others have to be threaded onto the bar.

But needless to say they would only work if you had a furiously minimalistic approach to dressing where your carefully curated clothes were perfectly suited to hang like little gallery exhibits.


If you were so inclined, you can even get your hands on wallpaper that features vintage hangers! But at $261 a roll, for this No. 2 Obsession Wallpaper by Daniel Rozensztroch for NLXL you had better be sure you REALLY love hangers.


I’m thinking I might keep my eyes peeled for some vintage hotel hangers. If I could find them from an old Detroit hotel that would be total perfection. Keep your eyes peeled please people.


Thank You.

Queen Marie x

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