Santa Baby...


I think it’s an understatement when I say it’s been one hellish year. This time of year can be hard for people, for many different reasons, but life prevails and we must find a way to push forward, finding happiness where and when we can.

Personally, I try and take care of my own happiness, rather than rely on other people to make me happy. I find ways to make life joyful for myself, whether it’s doing something that makes me feel good about myself or treating myself or doing something nice for someone else, just doing things that make me feel good. I believe that happiness begins with self love, as much as I hate terms like that. If you can find a way to love yourself, whether it’s how you look or how you behave, feeling good about yourself as a person is so important.

There is always someone or something that will make you unhappy in some form or another so it’s crucial to take care of your own happiness when you can. So whilst we focus very much on buying gifts for our loved ones at Christmas, I also think you should take care of yourself and put your own gift under your tree. So for my final post of 2018, here’s my shortlist for my own Christmas treat. Which one to choose?


1: honey birdette jessica bra. this bra ticks all my boxes, from the delicate lace to strap details, this is a strong CONTENDER to become the next piece to enter my underwear drawer 2: givenchy l’interdit perfume. i have been wearing this beautiful perfume for a wee while now and my bottle just ran out. 3: zara linen bedding. i am LEGITIMATELY obsessed with grey linen bedding and already have 2 sets, but this shade of grey is especially pretty 4: dr martens sinclair boots. i have been going back and forth about buying docs for about a year now. at £179 there’s not cheap, especially since I remember buying docs when they cost £35 a pair, so i’m kinda stumbling over justifying the 3 figure price tag now. 5: kat von d lolita eyeshadow palette. The Lolita shades of lipstick are my absolute favourite so this palette would be perfect. 6: disturbia halo neck cuff. this is such a statement piece for your neck and at only £32 you can’t go far wrong.