Hibernation Time...


If someone gave me the option of going into hibernation today and not emerging again until the Spring, I would grab it with both paws. I’m running on empty and dreading the next couple of weeks.

I would happily be a bear.

A resting bear, a curled up cat and a pair of sleeping birds are all part of Vitra's new Resting Animals series, designed by Swedish studio Front.

The collection of sleeping animals made in wool and ceramics is the result of a recent research project by Front founders Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, which explored the close connection between humans and figurative objects.

The largest animal in the series is a 3D knit-covered bear that can be used as a stool, ottoman or backrest. The smaller designs are decorative ceramic figures that include a cat and two birds in different sizes and colours.


"We spent four years developing this project,"  says Lindgren. "Vitra asked us to come up with an idea for their range of accessories and it started with conversations about bringing a sense of nature to a room."


The design duo began by conducting a series of interviews with a group of randomly selected people who were asked to identify the most emotionally enriching and meaningful objects in their homes.

"We found that many fascinating stories were tied to the figurative objects they own," said Lindgren. When looking further into this, we came across studies showing how people looking at pets or soft toys get a positive sense of wellbeing with dopamine and oxytocin being released in the body, resulting in a feeling of calm," she continued.

"This has also been used in the treatment of patients suffering from depression. There's even a name for it – the 'cuteness effect'."


See you in Springtime dear friends

Queen Marie