the emperors new trousers...


Writing about style and sometimes being so immersed in the warped world of fashion, you forget how skewed your views on the value of some things has become.

£300 for a pair of sunglasses, £500 for a pair of sandals. £900 on a bag. It all starts to seem quite normal. Then along comes an item that brings you back down to earth and hard reality with a bang.

Case in point these Margiela trousers.

Holy hell. These things are for sale over at LNCC for £540.

You could buy a second hand car for that or have an amazing holiday.

We often justify things on a cost per wear basis. Be let's be honest, someone is going to wear these things 2 or 3 times before they are sick of the visual joke. 

I just don't feel like laughing today...


On a more positive note, it has reminded me to look out my tabi boots for the Autumn...

Queen Marie