Into The Valley


Sunglasses are something Queen Marie collect like other people collect stamps. It's actually an illness. Between us I dread to think how many pairs of sunglasses we own. It will run literally into the hundreds and I'm not even kidding. Perhaps it's because we live in such a dull, grey country and therefore we absolutely revel in the rare instances of sunshine and so celebrate with new sunglasses. Or maybe it's because no matter what you're feeling about your body, your face will always look awesome in shades.


Valley Eyewear is one of those brands that I crave to own but just never have. They're located in Australia so customs to here would be through the roof and they have no UK stockists so they're sadly pretty unobtainable for me.

But that doesn't stop me looking...

valley eyewear.jpg

Now I just need the sun to come back out...