mini mini...


Ahhhhhhh Anglepoise.

You clever clever people.

Not content to just provide us with the classic lamps we all love, they love to play with others creating marvelous collaborations. Like these below with Margaret Howell and Paul Smith


Even better they play with proportion. Just look at this glorious outdoor version.


But now they have taken things up a notch by making them smaller.

Mini Mini in fact.

Oh these are wonderful

At half the size of the ever-popular 1970’s Model 90 that inspired it, the 90 Mini Mini has all the versatility and personality of an Anglepoise® desk lamp and puts light right where you need it.

The 90 Mini Mini is powered by USB for enhanced portability and has a dimmable integrated LED for focused light for up to 20,000 hours.

In a pixar moment, you cant help but anthropomorphize  the little guys.

Available in Carbon Black with Black, Steel Blue with Grey, and Warm Silver with Blush, they are so damm cute


I honestly can't  squeeze another lamp into my living room, even one as small as this but I'm thinking one on my studio desk beside my rock salt lamp would be perfection...

Queen Marie