Oh Hello There


No outfit again this week because honestly I've kinda lost the will as I'm not quite feeling myself lately but also the weather hasn't been conducive to shooting outside. So instead I wanted to feature a blogger friend, Amanda from youthful fashion and lifestyle blog, Honeypop Kisses, who has recently taken the plunge and opened her own vintage and lifestyle shop in Dundee, Oh Hello Vintage.

I caught up with Amanda to tell me more about her exciting new venture.



Hello Amanda, how are you today? Where are you and what are you doing?

I'm good thanks! How are you? I'm currently sitting working in the Tron in Glasgow as I have a meeting this afternoon.

You run the fashion and lifestyle blog, HoneyPop Kisses, the aesthetics of which you've taken and made into a physical store selling vintage and lifestyle products. What made you take the leap into opening a store during such troubling times for the high street?

Dundee is really lacking in vintage stores, especially ones selling & celebrating indie design. I wanted somewhere locally that I would love to shop & hang out. I guess I've always wanted to open a shop in some form but I never thought it would actually happen! The opportunity came up and it was just too good to pass up. It is scary given the state of retail and store closures being rife but I do think there is a massive increase of people shopping independent and more sustainably, which is what we offer in store.

Tell me about what the brands you're stocking and who you hope to attract to the shop? Is the focus Scottish brands?

We stock indie brands from all over the world but there will always be a special place in our hearts for Scottish Indie Brands. We have feminist accessories from Toronto, an underground Non Binary Magazine from London, Upcycled vintage ceramics from Glasgow & 80's inspired clothing from Dundee, to name a few! I want the store to feel welcoming to everyone, we stock all sizes (still struggling to find plus sized vintage over a size 18 to stock but I am hunting!) and we are wheelchair accessible. Growing up alt in Glasgow I never felt particularly welcome going into high street stores as a teenager so I want the customers to know that they are welcome no matter their gender identity, race, size or ability. The store has a distinct femme look with pink walls & decor but we have something for everyone. We are also hosting events, panels, workshops & launches in store from September, all details will be on the website.


You recognise the limitations of a physical store and will also be selling online. What can your online customers expect to see in the shop? Will it be specially selected pieces just for the website?

Most of what is available in store will be online, with the exception of some furniture. 

You ran a subscription box service for a while (one of which you gave me for my birthday when I was sick and it cheered me up no end!). Ultimately you decided to end the venture, however will some of those wonderful brands you showcased in your subscription boxes find their way into Oh Hello Vintage?

Some already have! I built up a really good relationship with the brands and I love that I have another platform to introduce people to them.

Your husband runs a successful streetwear brand, Abandon Ship Apparel - has he imparted any sage words of wisdom?

On a daily basis. I tend to be quite reactive and I can get really caught up in small details but he always pulls me back and reminds me of the bigger picture. Luckily quite a lot of my friends are entrepreneurs so I have quite a good network of people to ask for advice and to bounce ideas off of. Working on your own can be hard so  you have to remember to reach out to people if you are struggling or unsure of something, most will be more than willing to help. 

Finally, what would be your advice to anyone thinking about taking a big leap into the unknown with their career?

GO FOR IT! Of course you need to make sure it's financially viable, and have a plan of action but you have to just go for it. There is no point in not doing it and then regretting it in the years to come. 

Just make sure you don't decide to open a shop in three weeks, because you will not sleep/switch off the entire time.

Amanda x