over the acetate rainbow...


Ahhhh acetate.

What a deeply pleasing material you are.

Especially when fashioned into a handle and affixed to a delightful bag like this...


Yes I know Queen Michelle and I need another bag like we need a hole in the head but this is just looks so wonderfully fifties to me. 

The Marni Acetate Handle bag features a bucket silhouette and adjustable shoulder strap, with a black leather body and gold-tone hardware that sits beautifully alongside the tortoise acetate statement handle. It's a hideously pricey £1400.


What is especially pleasing is the way that it opens like an obliging wide mouthed frog to let you see what is lurking in the depths. For as we all know, the one thing you are looking for will always be at the very bottom of the bag, despite the fact that you only popped it in minutes before....


Ok so we are all agreed.

We love the bag but we hate the price...

Queen Marie