no head, no problem...


Growing up I had cat called Timmy.

She was girl.

 That’s a whole other story.

 She was the most crabby cat alive but I loved her. Of course I was allergic but all the snorking and sniffing was a small price to pay to have a cat sitting in your lap.

Much as I would love a cat, working full time as I do, it just wouldn’t be fair to leave it all day.

But much as I wish I had another furry friend, I fear this may be taking things too far….


Say hello to Qoobo

It’s the worlds firsts virtual, therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion!

It’s basically a furry cat without a head. * sigh*



There have been many studies and scientific tests into the benefits of owning a pet, however what happens if you are allergic or you don’t particularly want the commitment or costs that’s involved??
owning a pet can: - Decrease depression, stress and anxiety;
health-wise, it can: - 
  • lower your blood pressure
  • improve your immunity
  • decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke
With a tail that when stroked or caressed, its tail moves; thus, stimulating the effects when stroking a cat or dog. This technology was created through months of trial and error to develop mechanisms that closely mimics the complex movements of an animal’s tail. These have then been designed into a specialist program which is how Qoobo works.
Thoughtfully designed, with attention to the size, weight and tactility to make it feel like as much like a real cat sat on your lap (albeit it headless!) but once you have gotten past the fact that it doesn’t have a head to pet, it’ll soon become your new fur-ball of a best friend.

It costs almost £100!

 Just think how much time that would buy you at a cat cafe.

At least there, you can have a cup of tea and all of their cats have heads.

It's a win win...

QUeen Marie