She Sells Seashells

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In the way I loved the Aleksandra Seweryniak collection I featured last week, this glorious collection by Polish designer Kalina Kocemba evokes the same emotional response in me. The intricate ruffles in nude patent leather are a thing of beauty, then add to that tulle and white leather and it's a recipe for obsession.

The white pieces make me think of some modern take on Swan Lake but in reality the designer was inspired by sea shells. You can see clearly the references to  oyster, razor and scallop shells with their ridges and subtly undulating waves. Growing up next to the beach, shell collecting was just part of my childhood and I never grew tired of combing the shoreline for the biggest shells I could find. It's lovely to see shells interpreted in this way.

I would happily live in the nude and tulle ruffled sleeve top in the fourth and sixth images. So much so I am even tempted to email the designer to see if she takes custom order for her pieces because me and that top would be incredibly happy together. And I'm a shell too - a Michelle!

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The intention was to consciously grasp what is most inspiring, beautiful and at the same time intriguing in the world of nature. I decided to focus on seashells as they mostly fascinate me. I was aiming to create details that would resemble those that were created naturally. I was looking for outstanding structures in shells which I then reinterpreted and applied onto feminine silhouettes. The collection is dominated by white fabric which tightly surrounds the body and thus creates a second skin feeling.
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