Sensual Melancholy

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tHE INTRICATE WORLD OF Aleksandra Seweryniak


No matter what form my stylistic phases might take, there are a few constants: namely leather, lace and ruffles. These 3 things are at the heart of my closet. I might not always wear each or all, but they are none the less core to my sartorial self. 

As a  person who grew into herself, stylistically speaking, during the 80's within the rock and metal scene, it's little surprise that leather and lace are part of my style lexicon but I really don't know where the ruffle thing came from. Should you go back to the very first posts on this blog however, I was sharing images of ruffled things even back then. And it started much sooner than that. So imagine what would happen if you combined all of these elements?

Well, Aleksandra Seweryniak has done exactly that.

The Polish designer graduated from the academy of fine arts in Łódź from the department of Textile and Fashion (fashion design, printed textile design , photography). Her latest collection for AW18, Dazed, features nude leather, lace up details, black lace and is combined with work-like pinstripes and Prince of Wales checks. I think you can see why I love it.

These are combinations I have explored myself many times; the unlikely collisions between the sensuality of the lace and ruffles with the austerity of the pinstripes and checks. It's an odd formula that somehow really works.