every day armour...


When we are up against it, we all need armour. It can be clothes, it can be attitude , it can even be jewellery.

Case in point the 'Embracing Touch' collection of jewellery by Lithuanian designer Marija Puipaité.

Sculpted to perfectly fit the curves and contours of the body.

"It goes straight on the body and serves to emphasise or function as everyday armour,"

Embracing Touch: a continuous research through sculptural objects investigating what kind of shapes and suggestive functions human body can provide. It's about forms following the body and our intimate connection with a material world.


Puipaité describes the work as "silver and bronze puddles" that "ripple on body landscapes".

The pieces are an extension of a graduate project she created while studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. Now she is turning her attention to jewellery and the "intimate connections" it offers.

"I take the human body as a tool, and a reason for forms and their function to appear," she added "I'm taking the design process as a game, and trying different ways to exploit the body."

Available to order: neimdesign.comvvovva.com

Queen Marie