Roll Like It's 2013


Whilst I dislike winter since I much prefer to be warm, I do enjoy planning what kinda look I’m going to explore for the coming season. In all honesty I haven’t been that excited by fashion lately hence, in part, the lack of outfit posts these last few months. However, slowly I’m starting to think about looks that excite and inspire me. As usual, I delve into history to seek out this inspiration. I find collections that enthralled me at the time and see if they still do the same now.

Enter Saint Laurent Fall 2013.


This collection, then Hedi Slimane’s second collection for the house, wasn’t entirely well received by the fashion press as it presented nothing new. It was simply 90’s ‘grunge’ regurgitated. And it was. However what it did present, for people like me, was a completely relatable aesthetic and one which had the comfort of real-life familiarity. It was a polished, grown up version of what we actually wore in the 90’s - a glamorous shout out to rock ‘n’ roll girls everywhere. But more importantly, it’s an entire look that could be recreated not just cheaply, but thrift shop cheaply. Entirely unintentionally, Slimane captured the DIY ethos that runs through pretty much every subculture. Looks that could easily be pulled together by things you could find in charity and vintage shops and by getting busy with scissors, chopping and fraying and altering. There is something fundamentally punk rock about taking a look that cost many thousands of pounds to buy from Saint Laurent and creating it for £20.

Fashion imitating fashion imitating fashion.


How does this translate to my own winter inspiration? Well I’m going to hunt down a denim skirt and fluffy cardigan as everything else I already own - leather skirt, blazer, velvet dresses, clunky boots, leather jackets - basically this is already my entire wardrobe, but the denim skirt/cardigan combo isn’t one I’ve explored any time recently. I haven’t worn a denim skirt since the 80’s and a cardigan since the 90’s. so I’m inspired to revisit both.

I’ll be sure to share the budget version of the look on here.