bangles and bears...

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You can’t beat them.

If you can combine them, even better.

That’s exactly what Krista Kretzschmar and Skultuna have done. Creating a jewellery collection together, a collaboration that celebrates their Nordic fauna.

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The Nordic Wildlife Collection for Skultuna is based on the already classical animal bracelets that the jewellry designer and goldsmith Krista Kretzschmar became famous for. She has shaped the collection from five selected Nordic animals: eagle, bear, wolf, deer and hare. "I have always thought of animal jewellry as very symbolic: that as a bearer you can recognize the animal's character or want to strengthen their characteristics. The animals Skultuna and I decided to do together are all typical and amazing animals that live in our Nordic nature but at the same time very different from each other. ”Working with Skultuna is exciting and I think we share values about quality and design," says Krista Kretzschmar.


Each piece of the jewellry in the collection has first been developed and hand sculpted by Krista Kretzschmar, then produced by Skultuna. The working method is known for Krista, who is used to do bronze jewellery. Each Nordic animal in the collection symbolizes different things, the eagle stands as a symbol of, courage, freedom and strength. The wolf symbolizes power, pride and wildness. The deer stands for independence, searcher, strong instinct. The bear symbolizes power, courage and insight and the hare stands as a symbol of fast-thinking and strong intuition.

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The collection consists of bracelet in gilt and polished steel for both men and women, in different sizes and as well a collection of cufflinks. They are available now at, the price for a bracelet is 95 EUR and the cufflinks 85 EUR.

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Lovley just lovely…

Queen Marie