a hole lot of nonsense...



It’s nothing to laugh at.

Unless you are watching Last Week Tonight or trying to imagine a ‘leave’ voter drinking their tea from this Brexit mug.

North Yorkshire potter Lee Cartledge has designed a commemorative Brexit mug that cannot be used and therefore "sums up the whole Brexit negotiations".

Cartledge, a potter at Bentham Pottery, designed the mug, which has the word Brexit cutting completely through its side, as a humorous response to the nonsense that is Brexit.


“I'm not a political person really, but it is a political statement I guess. "It was more the humour than the political statement. It appealed to my sense of humour. My initial idea was actually to stamp Brexit on it and then drill a load of holes into it, but going into the pottery that morning I thought that a graffiti-style font with holes would look much better."

He explained that cutting the letters into the mug was a "finickity procedure" that took about 20 minutes. Cartledge carved them in the time that it took for his mother to make them both a cup of tea.

He plans to make a limited edition of 60 mugs to sell commercially. "I don't particularly want to spend the next few months making a load of Brexit mugs. I can just about stomach 60," he said.

Talking of stomaching things, our thoughts are still with our dear chums across the pond who are having to deal with The Mighty Orange one every day.

Oh how I laughed when I came across Trumpy Bear.


Now I’m not suggesting for one minute, that you buy one and start sticking pins in it immediately.

You do what you think is best…

Queen Marie x