Style Crush / Sora Choi





I have been asked countless times in interviews over the years who my style inspiration is, but unless you count Lemmy and 80’s Motley Crue, there really isn’t anyone who’s style I particularly admire. I know you’re meant to have stock answers like Patti Smith or Audrey Hepburn but I can truthfully say there isn’t anyone’s style that makes me want immediately go off and try that look myself. I just do my own thing. Always. Being ‘alternative’ yet into fashion is a tricky balance to achieve. I usually manage it by exploring my fashion side via my accessories, like my shoes and bags. I also mix my high end labels like Rick Owens or Ann D with alternative brands like Killstar and Disturbia.

However recently I came across a Korean model called Sora Choi and she is as close to my own taste as I have come across, right down to the leg chains. Sure I might be 20 something years older than her but I recognise a style kindred spirit when I see one. She expertly mixes high fashion and alternative fashion . Of course, she’s a model and would look incredible in a bin liner, however I am none the less chuffed to find a true style kindred soul, even if I am old enough to be her mother!