inflatable swan things...

I went to the dentist yesterday.

He took out a big tooth.

I want to cut my own head off.

It would take something pretty special to put a smile on my face today.

David Shirley has managed that with his inflatable swan things…


David Shrigley has filled a gallery in Stockholm's Spritmuseum with giant inflatable swans, which inflate and deflate in cycles of 12 minutes. Shrigley created the Swan-things for the Spritmuseum, after the gallery gave the artist free reign to do whatever he wanted in their exhibition space.


"I wanted to fill the space with one piece, which is something I'm not allowed to do very often," Shrigley said "The first job of the artist is to fill the space, whether a piece of paper, or a wall or a gallery space." Instead of depicting the swan's signature elegant neck curvature, Shrigley has applied his satirical style by giving his inflatable birds straight, erect necks, and replacing a head and beak with a simple cartoon-like smiley face.

"Nothing is quite as it seems in Shrigley's universe. The laws of physics are suspended and the everyday world is distorted, revealing a rare and mordant sense of humour," said the museum. "Welcome down the rabbit-hole!"


It looks like they are giving a giant white finger to the world.

I feel like doing that myself.

Queen Marie

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