Dusturbing Etsy




It's hard being an independent designer, in any creative industry. You are left only charging what the market can bear and when you spend hours crafting something, that can be a tricky balance to achieve. Equally, if you are really fast should you earn less because you're fast? It's a conundrum we all face every day.

Due to the political climate and the uncertainty it's causing, the fashion industry is suffering in particular as customers are keeping a hold of their money because they simply don't know what's going to happen. And when you're trying to run a small label in such a climate you really start to feel the heat. Tough times.

As you know, we are all about supporting the indie label here so I personally like to shop indie as much as possible because I like wearing things that no-one else is. In a sea of Zara/Topshop/Next/Insert high street shop here, I prefer to cement my individuality by wearing pieces that I know are unique and likely one of only a few. It feels special. I do fork out for those luxury labels sometimes because I am, usually, assured their materials will be premium and that means long lasting, but I would say it's mostly shoes I opt to spend big bucks on. My Rick Owens black wedges, for example, have seen me through many style phases and are as perfect now as when I bought them. My Topshop  black wedges however, lasted maybe a year before having to be binned. Yes, Rick Owens is 20 times more expensive, but they will last 20 times longer. You gotta pick your battles.

When our dear friend Dust told us she was finally opening a shop on Etsy, we were thrilled. Dust pieces have a level of workmanship and finishing that could rival any luxury label. Here pieces are also built to last - buy something from Dust and you'll have it forever. However, she has also fallen victim to the climate and her shop opened and barely anyone bought anything. So sadly the shop will be closing on 6th August. However, that gives you a few weeks to snaffle one of her pieces. I particularly love her glorious skirts.

And I mean glorious. Look at these! 



This 70's style geometric suit is utterly divine. In an ideal world I'd wear this with another two piece - a short sleeved shirt on top and matching trousers underneath, in a clashing print. How amazing would that be?


If you're looking to invest in a unique and quirky piece, get your ass over there. You won't be sorry.