Texture In Estonia


Estonian designer, Triinu Pungits, is creating a stir with her printed and textured collections.


I have talked many times about the design talent coming out of the Ukraine, well there seems to be same influx of creativity from Estonia too.

Triinu Pungits is one such talent.

Hailing from Tartu, the designer was a finalist at the International Talent Support Fashion Competition, semi-finalist at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyeres and has been showing at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days since 2013. During her time at MBKD she won the Silver Needle, which is one of the most prestigious fashion awards in Estonia.

As you know, I love texture. If an outfit features lots of touchy-feely fabrics I will happily sacrifice an interesting silhouette and Triinu focuses heavily on texture. Knitwear and hand printed fabrics site alongside crumpled tweeds. Voluminous jackets  feature rose-like adornments and a completely hand sewn, multicoloured sequin textile.




The coats are highlight for me.

There really isn't a single one I wouldn't love to wear. The two red printed coats are absolutely stunning - prints and volume.

Although this quilted, asymmetric red coat in her store (pictured below) is really floating my boat right now. At 800 euros is out of my prince range sadly but I will be keeping an eye out for that bad boy going on sale.

I also actually really love her bodysuits. I can totally see me wearing those to ballet class. Especially that black and white one featured in the photo above.