beam me up...

From bus stops to deep space, you can't say we don't mix things up around here.

For their Autumn Winter Campaign, Gucci have gone to space and beyond. Beam me up Allesandro.  This all gave me such a chuckle. There is enough po faced, self reverential posturing going on in fashion to last us all a lifetime so to see a brand having fun is welcome relief.

The advertising campaign for their autumn/winter '17 campaign is inspired by the science fiction and schlock B movies of the '50s and '60s, starting with a goofy homage to Star trek. 

Add in Robbie the Robot, The Creature from the Black Lagoon some dinosaurs and telepathic aliens and you have perfect match for their colour-rich and decorative and fantasy collections. 

When Alessandro teased the campaign in April, Gucci came under fire from Pierre-Louis Auvray, a student at Central Saint Martins who posts images of models with alien heads on his Instagram account, accusing them of plagiarism. Alessandro said that the similar sci-fi vibe was simply a supernatural coincidence.

"It’s about my memories, so movies from the '70s, including Star Trek: Lost in Space, that I saw many times. It’s more about space, we have the robots, the aliens... I tried to work with artistic director Chris Simmonds and the guys and photographer Glen Luchford on strong characters"

You can't beat a creature from The Black Lagoon making sure your Gucci gown doesn't get all soggy in the lake...

The video is made even better with the addition of the soundtrack from Space 1999, a total Gerry Anderson classic. 

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Queen Marie