Get A Head


I realise I'm one of the very few bloggers out there, who frequently includes headpieces in her outfits.

Both your Queens are partial to unique and unusual head adornments. My own collection includes some large Le Tour De Force headbands and extends right up to feathered showgirl headpieces, as shown on the left, This feathered extravaganza was created for me by a very talented milliner who was also an avid reader of the blog. For me, hats and headpieces are an opportunity to add another interesting element to your outfit, and reach far beyond the simple realms of practicality.

For this reason, I wanted to share the marvelous work of Jay Briggs

Briggs is a fashion and headpiece designer who graduated in 2013 with a BA Honours in Fashion Design from University of Salford in Manchester, His graduate collection, entitled “Malleus Maleficurm”, evokes images of witchcraft and rituals, with the headpieces being adorned with materials such as beetle shells, beading, feathers and wings. It also includes some giants horns even Maleficent would be proud to wear.


Briggs is very much about creating a dark, gothic fairytale narrative around his collections, which is why it all appeals to me so much. I'd love to shoot one of his creations.

After graduating he then went on to create the Selfridges window displays for Christmas in 2014 and 2015 as well as creating the headpieces for Kylie Minogue's "Sleepwalker" video - both a huge coup for a such a fresh-out-the-bag designer.

Spirituality and witchcraft is something that never fails to inspire me. Its always been a huge fascination of mine ever since childhood, I love the pre-conceptions and mystery which surrounds the concept or idea of witchcraft in general.

There is something deeply haunting about his work. The woman wearing a Briggs headpiece is as mysterious and provocative as the fairytale and folklore characters that clearly inspire this young designer.