storm clouds are gathering...

Today is the General Election here in the United Kingdom. Many people like me doubtless woke up with a dark cloud of dread hanging over their head at the thought of what's to come. It's a sad day when you don't want to vote because of the lies, lies and more dammed lies that they all seem to be spouting.

Maybe you would rather carry a cloud than have it loom above their head. Then how about this clutch handbag from Luna On The Moon is made of glittery fabric with matching gold lightning bolt charms. There are also two removable straps in a gold chain or rainbow design. It measures 22.5 cm wide x 33.5 cm long and is available in several different colors.

Or maybe you would rather look through the rain and carry a rainbow...

Just look at these charming summer rain earrings from Lakoo designs. She is taking a little break from her shop just now. Maybe she is feeling as down as the rest of us!!!

However you are feeling, please remember to vote today.

Queen Marie