festival fatigue...

Is is just me?

When I read the words “festival fashion” I want to punch a hole in the nearest wall.

For me the whole point of a festival is that there is no fashion. All considerations are purely practical. Is it warm, it is waterproof, has it got pockets for emergency toilet roll. This maybe says more about Scottish festivals than those further abroad. Being totally unable to handle the heat or sunshine I have had to knock those on the head due to tedious but seriously debilitating heatstroke.

But this September sees something special happening. So special that I might even need to add a pair of climbing boots to my festival wardrobe. Although I would rather have something like these Bernhard Willhelm x Camper numbers...


The sub club are heading over the sea to the Isle of Skye. They are partnering with Skye Live Festival to create one of world’s most unique and exciting dance floors.

With views across Portree Bay, for two nights they take over the Apothecary’s Tower at Sron a’ Mhill (The Lump). Joining them at the remote Northwestern tip of the inner Hebrides are some of electronic music’s finest. Only problem you need to climb up a big hill to hear them!

Tickerts are available here

View from the tower down to the harbour

View from the tower down to the harbour

It's quite a long drive up there, nearly 6 hours, so I think I had better make it a mini holiday and take a few days to take in some of the serious scenery...

Queen Marie