Business At The Front





Nguyen Cong Tri is remarkably a self-taught designer based in Ho Chi Minh City. As a graduate of Fine Arts from the Ho Chi Minh City University of the Arts, he first made his mark in the world of Vietnamese design in 2000 when he won 1st prize in the 'New Idea' category at Vietnam's Grand Prix, with his 'Green Leaves' fashion collection. 

His latest collection, entitled The Collection No.10, features monochromatic ensembles which appear rather utilitarian from the front however on the reverse they are adorned with a plethora of stunning embroidery featuring florals and foliage. 3d flowers and cacti spill out from jackets and tops offsetting the simplicity of the front and colour palette of white, stone and grey.

He combines a diverse range of fabrics and textures including cotton, khaki, knitwear and PVC. To make the best of these wonderful pieces, Tri has created clear PVC coats and jackets making the wearer appear like a walking hothouse, encasing these exotic florals and allowing people a glimpse through it's windows. I particularly love the smoked PVC coat with lace trim. 

In my humble opinion, fashion doesn’t have to be something steeped in luxury. Rather it needs to be sparked by an inspiring story or the needs of everyday life. Fashion, once worn, should inspire us to shine, to be positive and most of all to be cheerful.

Hope you enjoyed this little hump day inspiration.