back in time for tea...

Given that tea parties feature in her work, it's a miracle that I hadn't come across the work of

Iris Nieuwenburg before now.

Iris describes her work like this:

“She freely combines classic elements and the magic of pop-up fairy tale books, creating her own Alice in Wonderland of estranged scales and perspectives. The miniatures are inspired by books on 18th century French interiors, and photo’s made by designer.

I absolutely love her work. These are like little moments frozen in time. You look at them and instantly a story starts in your mind!

She uses vintage jewellery, small objects for example: parts from clock works, old picture frames, Victorian picture paper and Images of French 18th century interiors, combined with dollhouse cutlery, delicate silver candelabras, miniature china and soft coloured bouquets. Nieuwenburg is intrigued by the richness of the colours, patterns and the amazing objects from this time ,which makes her wonder about the people who lived in these interiors and fantasise about the highlights of family life at that time. Events like courting, marriage, birth, growing old together and special occasions like tea parties and dressing up for dancing nights under the sparkling candles...

They might be a little too 'beauty and the beast' for some of you but the more you look there is a darkness and a melancholy there too.


Oh good grief, I've made myself feel quite sad now and I didn't start the post that way. 


Queen Marie