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All shots copyright of  vogue uk

All shots copyright of vogue uk

Oh my, what a treat of a story over at UK Vogue  for Queen Michelle and all of you ballet lovers out there. They are taking a look at Olivier Rousteing's collaboration with the Paris Opéra Ballet, getting a first look at the glittering leotards and pearl-laden costumes designed for choreographer Sébastien Bertaud’s new ballet, Renaissance...

.Rousteing and Bertaud have admired each other’s work from afar. It seems to many the perfect partnership when Bertaud asked Rousteing to design the costumes for his new work, Renaissance – a 27-minute ballet with 22 dancers, all of whom will be wearing Balmain.

Bertaud, who also performs as a soloist at the company, approached Balmain because he admired how Rousteing had brought modernity to a respected fashion house, and he hoped to do the same for the Opéra.

"I wanted to propose a ballet of today. As a choreographer I feel the responsibility to make choices that push our own identity into the future. I was wondering which designer could be the next one for this amazing institution – and for me, Olivier was the only one." 

The costumes are highly intricate and instantly recognisable as Balmain. There are jackets in a beige-nude – one of Rousteing’s favourite hues – heaped with extravagant pearls, beading and sequins. The male dancers wear bejewelled tights and the ballerinas wear glittering leotards.

 "I wanted as much glamour as possible," says Rousteing. "It’s what I love."

Head over to Vogue now to read the story and look at all the stunning shots in full.

It's a total treat for the eyes...

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