hard or soft boiled?

Less is more. We often say that here in The Kingdom except for when we say more is more!

Lets start saturday with some simple, calm and serene garments from Egg

You could eat breakfast , lunch and dinner without feeling the slightest pinch with these relaxed clothes. My favourite kind. I hate to feel in any way 'girded' Tight clothes make me emotionally as well as physically uncomfortable.

One thing however that is not relaxed is the price. Oooft.  These plain items are fiercely expensive. Never having touched them in real life, I can't tell you if they are worth it. But they would need to feel pretty damm special for me to want to hand over £350 for a large scarf or £850 for a waxed coat!

Previously a "hidden gem of Belgravia ( that helps explain the pricing perhaps!), Egg now have a space in Dover Street Market where you can find out for yourself what khaki cotton and macking are.  With niche brands such as Casey Casey, Toogood and Egg's own designs what they all have in common is their focus on clean lines and sculptural shapes.

Right I've decided, I'm going for hard boiled with toast soldiers...

Queen Marie