We Have Each Other


Last week Prince B and I were invited to watch the World Premiere of Scottish Ballet's Each Other, as part of Dance International Glasgow 2017. Scottish Ballet commissioned the world renowned choreographic duo Ivgi & Greben to create the piece.

I wasn't sure what to expect at all when I stepped into the Tramway. I am always a bit apprehensive about purely contemporary ballet as it can be a bit hit or miss for me personally. Well, this was a hit from start to finish. Simply put, I was blown away.

The audience is confronted with piles of shoes and the dancers are frantically searching through these piles, looking for something familiar, something that belongs to them. To my eyes, it immediately felt like I was looking at a scene from pretty much every war-torn country, as families search for bodies or belongings of their loved ones in piles of rubble. This could be Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Northern Irelands during the troubles. It was all at once heart wrenching and mesmerizing and all taking place against the pulsating score composed by Tom Parkinson.


I'm not sure if the piece was meant to be political but it most definitely reflects everything that's happening in the world from Trump and his wall, to the Palestinians and Israelis. We are defined by divisions and conflicts, often not of our own making, but as human beings all we truly have in this world is each other and that if we were to truly unite we could stand against any oppressor.

It was impossible not to be moved by this piece. If it ever tours and it comes to a town near you, please go and see this. You won't be disappointed.