lite it up...

Oh hell no.

No. No. No. 

That's exactly what I said to myself when I came across these wonderful light boxes over on litecraft. I loved them because they looked so 60's. Almost like directional signage in their simplicity. 

I said no because there is no room in my house for another lamp. You can see my house from space as it is. There are heico animals in every corner, cats and rabbits galore before you even start with giant toadstools or the fairy lights which are everywhere!!!

But then I noticed a wee dark corner beside a bunny and a cactus and I had a rethink and said hello to the hello light box. It was much bigger than I thought and really sturdily made compared to the cheap ones you find in the shops.  Even better it's just been reduced to £63.20 from £89

All I need to do now is avert my eyes from lights and lamps until at least September, when all the new fairy lights will start showing up in time for Christmas...

Queen Marie