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Long time readers of this blog will know that harnesses have played a big part in my outfits over the years. They featured even at time when literally the only place you could buy such a thing was in sex/fetish stores or do as I did and make them yourself.

Things have changed dramatically since then and now harnesses are an acceptable fashion accessory, even being sold in high street shops. I never imagined such a thing would go fairly mainstream but in this case I'm pretty pleased it has because sex shop harnesses were never very elegant.

Recently, I discovered a shop on Etsy, RHÉA Leathercrafts, when the brand liked one of my photos, and it happened to be an Italian leather brand who create the most stunning leather harnesses and accessories I have ever seen.

I want everything in the shop. Not one piece is mediocre. 


I'm hoping to invest in a piece some time soon, but which one? I'd wear every single thing. It's amazing too that these glorious creations don't cost the earth - she's priced them in such a way as you could realistically buy several items and not break the bank. I'm thinking perhaps I should treat myself to one for my birthday? What better way to herald in 44 than with badass leather?

If you love harnesses as much as me I suggest you get yourself over to this shop immediately.