lost on you...

I've always wanted to be able to whistle.

I can't. I've tried to practice and learn many times.

So the other night getting ready to get out of the car, a spaghetti western style cowboy whistle right at the start of a song stopped me in my tracks

It was so incongruous that sat I in the car and listened to the whole song with my mouth wide open. Holy crap it was good. 

I came in, went straight onto you tube and found this. Say hello to LP. The wonderful Laura Pergolizzi...

I was astonished not just at how she sounded but how she looked, like a young John Cooper Clarke, complete with sneers reminiscent of Jonny Cash and Elvis

She caused a bit of a stir at South by Southwest back in 2006 when there was a virtual bunfight trying to sign her. But once signed labels had, they didn't really know what to do with her. Most of them trying to repackage the androgynous Pergolizzi in a dress and failing. 

Signed and dropped by three major record labels, Laura Pergolizzi had all but given up on a pop career until thanks to a release in Greece, Lost on you is captivating everyone that hears it.


I predict this song will be stuck in your head all weekend and even if it's not up your street, you can't argue that "So smoke em, if you got em, cos it's going down.."is the best lyric you're going to hear all year...

Queen Marie