the clue is in the name...

Normally the clue is in the name!

But if I were to say to you, what do you think Artistic Milliners make, like me, your first thought was probably hats. But again like me, your'e at the wrong end. They make jeans!

Here in The Kingdom, we don't just like to show you things you can buy, sometimes we like to take a nosey around behind the scenes and take a look at things that capture our interest and attention. Case in point how much work goes into designing and producing a new range of jeans.

Could you imagine there would be a whole research and development lab in Dubai. Well Artistic Milliners have one

To be fair, one person who won't be surprised is Queen Michelle. Hell she could teach them a thing or two about making the perfect pair of jeans. She spent most of 20's and 30's seeking them out. I'm laughing to myself typing this, remembering her excited wee face telling me over and over she had found the "perfect pair" only to have them utterly dismissed as totally disappointing two weeks later. 

Artistic Milliners will be exhibiting at Kingpins Amsterdam with two booths on 19th-20th April 2017. With a bold emphasis on technology and sustainability, Artistic Milliners will showcase a series of brand new concepts for AW2018/2019, “Sunday Jeans”, “The Conformist”, “Vintage Chic”, “On the Move”. 

The exclusive capsule collection is designed by Artistic Lab Dubai; the Research and Innovation Center, which serve as an incubator for design and development. It aims to provide a platform for designers, brands and partners to explore the extensive range of wet and dry processes using the latest sustainable finishing technologies. 

Lets be honest, we all need ourselves some Sunday jeans.

Queen Marie